Travel Where You’re Welcome

Travel Where You’re Welcome

My husband and I recently took a trip to the Appalachian Mountains. The town we stayed in was so friendly. I wondered what it must be like to deal with tourists, especially if there is a language barrier with tourists from another country. Are some places friendlier than others to tourists?

A study has reported that, actually, the locals of some countries are friendlier and more patient and helpful than people in other countries. Considering that my husband and I plan to do more traveling as we age, I thought it would be a good idea to make note of at least a few of these tourist friendly places and put them at the top of our list of where we should go next.

One place that I have never heard of is Burkina Faso. According to travel experts the people of this little landlocked country that can be found in West Africa offer the warmest welcome ever to travelers. Theirs is a culture of open markets that are filled with colorful crafts that are handmade. Expect a lively shopping experience filled with the aroma of spices and sizzling meats accompanied by upbeat folk music.

While in West Africa visiting Burkina Faso, we might then want to take a tour of Senegal. It’s had a bit of a bad rap since the Ebola scare of 2014, but, in truth, it is not some rustic backwater. Senegal is full of luxurious cosmopolitan grade resorts all along its coastline. Inland excursions offer the opportunity for photo safaris of exotic creatures such as rhinos, giraffes and hippos.

Dublin at night down by the Liffey River

Ireland is another great tourist friendly place to visit. It also seems to be one of the safest places to travel since it is the number one destination for women who are traveling alone. Biking the byways of Ireland from village to village is a great way to see the country and stopping in at the local pubs is a great way to engage in friendly conversations with the warm hearted locals.

If geographical diversity is appealing, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a bit of everything. From snow skiing the mountainsides to kayaking the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of interesting excursions to enjoy. Visitors are greeted warmly and the people are full of smiles, eager to help and point out the right direction.

And, of course, if snow skiing is your thing, like it is mine, there’s no better place for that than Austria. When I poop out from zipping around the mountainsides, my husband and I can soak up the culture and rich history of this country. This is the birthplace of classical music and opera. It is a great place to explore and is filled with a population that is proud to show off their nation.

So, I’ve got a pretty good start on my travel list. I hope the continent hop one day and make a trip all the way around the world. One thing I’ve learned so far in our travels is that, no matter where you go, people are pretty much the same. Most are good and kind and pleased to make a new friend.