Smoothies For Pregnancy And Mothers To Be

Smoothies For Pregnancy And Mothers To Be

My notes are always about encouraging women who would love to fall pregnant someday even though I have no immediate plans of having children of my own yet. I’m not playing dodge ball with my biological clock at all. Thanks to the advances made in medical science and the knowledge that women have been empowered with today, women are now able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy at a mature age, even during their late forties in some instances, and produce healthy children, but with one important proviso.

They are inherently healthy in heart, body and soul. Ideally for them, this would have to be the case for a number of years, so if you’re young but heavily overweight, obese and overly sedentary, you still have time on your hands. Many women, and I hope that you are one of them, would also like to spend more time focusing on their careers, boosting their financial status for a future family life and even furthering their studies, not so much to enter new job territories with better credentials but more to enrich their own lives with knowledge and understanding of themselves and what goes on around them.

Healthy and fit mothers to be will have discovered the art of smoothies for pregnancy without forgetting all the other essential requirements for ensuring that their bodies and minds are well primed for the later physical exertions of giving birth. The manner in which they take care of both their important dietary and exercise requirements considers not only their own bodies and souls but their fetuses and soon to be born children. Looking after themselves during their pregnancy rituals  for the entire nine months is also good practice for when they nurse their infants and, in later years, begin to rear their kids and show them the ropes where health and fitness rituals are concerned.

Just remember, mothers to be, if you are healthy and fit today, the chances are very good that your infants will be as well. I’m sure that many of you must be aware of this by now, the reason why there continues to be countless accounts of sick babies being born into this world are as a result of their mothers’ own poor health. It was not just poor physical health, obesity, diabetes, and the like, that was the cause of it all, but other serious factors as well.

Such serious issues include poverty which causes malnutrition and a long addiction to drugs and many other harmful substances, including processed foods and greasy takeaways otherwise known as junk food. The poverty that is afflicted upon women allows them to only afford processed foodstuffs which, still to this day, are a lot cheaper than healthy and organic food. Also, I cannot begin to understand what leads to women as young as childhood age to become addicted to the most dangerous drugs on earth.

The only subjective explanation I have for this, and its heartfelt as well, is that the temptation to buy life-threatening drugs and forego necessary nutrition is just too great. The hallucinatory and listless effects which allow women and men to become comatose, allows them to escape their misery, ironically, usually only for a few minutes.

If only they could become addicted to healthy lifestyles instead. I am filled with hope on this because it is happening in many remote parts of the world already. Interestingly, and you could also research cultural history on this point, it all starts with the mother. While many of us are only catching on now, many of these poor women, living in rural parts of the world have been doing their work manually and all food that they cultivate, even their chickens and goats, are organic.

What a serious post this has turned out to be. I hope it also offered some food for thought in the sense that there is much work for us to do, not just for ourselves but those who need uplifting and help more. If you are already on the health and fitness route, motivate other girls to follow in your stead. What an awesome world we would have if we were all just so healthy, and fit.