A Fabulous Fall Garden

When people think of that special time of year to plant a vegetable garden or fill the flowerbeds with color, the season of spring is usually what comes to mind. However, fall has its very own aspects that make it an ideal time to do exactly what gardeners love to do during the spring. A…Continue Reading

Carbon Controversy

Half of the nation of the United States of America will witness the spectacle of the highest state government officials challenge the carbon emission cutting initiative established by the Obama administration. At the center of this new regulation are coal powered power plants, just one small part of a strategy to tackle the problem of…Continue Reading

After I’ve Gone

I recently had an unexpected health crisis that happened suddenly. I had a brain trauma that resulted in my being unconscious for a few days and, when I did regain consciousness, I had amnesia. The amnesia gradually dissipated although there are some blocks of time that will be gone forever. It is expected I will…Continue Reading

Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Oh dear. Perhaps this post should have been written before the previous one where I was endeavoring to encourage all mothers, both able and struggling to do right by their children in the health and fitness arena. I even alluded to this point as well. It appears to be the case that it is necessary…Continue Reading