Fat or Bloated?

I know when I’ve lost a few pounds because I gain a few comfortable inches of space in the waistband of my tight jeans or a certain dress doesn’t cling to my hips but falls slinkily straight down. Sometimes, when I gain an inch or two, it’s not because I was overindulgent with some pie.…Continue Reading

Drone Delivery

So Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has applied for permission to test out delivery by drone. This would include home delivery and customer curbside pick-up at a warehouse. Amazon started the same program earlier in the year. Looks like this will become the future of deliver.… Continue Reading

Decorate Without Breaking The Bank

Things are a lot different now than when I was a kid watching my oldest sister leave for college. Back then I was the youngest of four girls, my mom a homemaker, and my dad owned his own construction business. We were working class. We never really wanted for anything but we definitely knew we…Continue Reading

Cyber Security For The Little Guy

Now, I’m just a small time crafter who does a few shows a year during the holidays and then keeps my brand alive the rest of the year with a small online presence. However, it doesn’t matter how big or small a business is when it comes to vulnerability to cyber attack. I depend on…Continue Reading

Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

I hope many of you are quite accustomed to the chivalry. I hope many of you are still hearing refrains of ‘ladies first’. I also hope that the tragedies of life, both manmade and natural, never befall you. But when such disasters do occur, it is still heartwarming to see that when rescue attempts need…Continue Reading