Slow Cooker Recipes

My oldest son has officially moved out into his own apartment. For the first couple of weeks he still came home almost every day to eat. Now, however, he has announced that he would like to cook for himself. He’s going the slow cooker route. One pot dishes, what could go wrong?… Continue…Continue Reading

Sit Better

The new health campaign making the rounds is the war on sitting. From the moment we wake up in the morning, our day is filled with sitting and much too much of it. Now, I don’t think we need to declare war. After all, I’m an advocate for peace. I think, rather, a compromise should…Continue Reading

Overcoming Fear

When I do drive, I usually don’t drive far and I rarely drive alone. Most of my driving is uneventful unless I drive over a big bridge. Then I have an anxiety attack because I suffer from gephyrophobia, the medical term for a phobia of bridges,… Continue Reading

Nudity Here, Nudity There

On a recent trip to South America I traveled deep in the jungle of the Amazon rainforest. Outside a remote village, my “taxi” traversed a rickety bridge over a river. I looked out of the car window to a view of a rocky riverbed. I saw about a dozen people swimming and jumping off of…Continue Reading

Non-Contact Sports Injuries

The definition of a non-contact sport is one where players are separated physically so that it is impossible to physically contact one another during the game. Such sports would include tennis, bowling, golf, and volleyball. Does this mean there is less chance of getting injured by participating in such a sport?… Continue Reading