Health And Fitness For Expecting Mothers

Health And Fitness For Expecting Mothers

The euphoria of great expectations

You would have to be a mother yourself to explain to our readers what it feels like to expect a child, particularly during those months of expecting your first-born. I, myself, of course, am not a mother, so I cannot begin to understand the excitement and nervousness and anxious hours until the morning or night those excruciating pains have come and gone and the child is, at last, born. I can only appreciate such momentous occasions and I have heard more than enough tales from friends of mine who are today experienced mothers dealing with the growing pains of their children. My mission here is to simply help out whenever I can. My experience lies within the realm of health and fitness, and today I would like to offer up some motivation and inspiration to those of you who would like to turn your life around and experience a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth.

My pen and warm hand is extended to those of you who are still only thinking, or dreaming of having children of your own someday. What may be holding you back are not so much your busy lifestyles and careers but your health. Perhaps you are obese and overweight. This is preventing you to lead normal, healthy lives which also entail some socializing in order to meet the perfect spouse.

Issues for overweight mothers

Are you familiar with the embarrassment experienced after having had questions asked by rude and ignorant men in particular? These men are not able to detect the telltale signs of a woman being pregnant. All they seem to have noticed after looking elsewhere where they shouldn’t have is that the women they have addressed were rather large and flabby around the abdomen area. They were not particularly concerned about these poor women’s health and welfare but rather offering them one of the worst pickup lines ever.

Health and fitness for pregnant mothers

The old days of pregnant mothers lying low until the critical hour are, thankfully, gone forever. In those days, ignorance suggested that women who were pregnant had to be as inactive as possible so as not to wear themselves out, damage their health and harm the fetus. Today, pregnant mothers are, in fact, encouraged to be as active as possible in order to improve their health and fitness levels, specific dietary requirements so that by the time the baby is born, it is as healthy as can be. Not only that, pregnant women are expected to give up addictive substances such as cigarettes and processed foods, most of which fall under the category of junk.

Teaching children to be healthy and fit

Once the child is born do not for one moment believe that your job is done. You as a new mother have responsibilities second to none. But because you have those natural nurturing and caring instincts that only women seem to have, you welcome the challenges and hard work in educating and disciplining your children to be active, healthy and fit and to eat all the right meals at all times. Your healthy indoctrination of your little ones is not confined to their physical wellbeing but especially extended to their emotional wellbeing.