Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Oh dear. Perhaps this post should have been written before the previous one where I was endeavoring to encourage all mothers, both able and struggling to do right by their children in the health and fitness arena. I even alluded to this point as well. It appears to be the case that it is necessary to begin the practice as soon as possible with regard to coaching women to better health before leaving them, newly empowered, to take care of their kids as required.

I think it is well worth repeating this very important point. I made this point after closing the previous post with a flourish. The good parenting guidebook has also proved to work. Part of it entails introducing your child to books and educational games at the earliest possible time. You can even do this with toddlers.

Doing this, I am quite sure, will make the children more aware of their own health and fitness requirements long before their parents need to instruct them what not to do. Now let me share this experience with you. It makes me believe that our future, especially that of the children, could be very bright. We can also give a big round of applause to the devoted teachers who have been involved in the children’s lives this way.

It seems to me that girls and boys are a lot more aware, conscious and sensitive to the urgent need to reverse the results that global warming and climate change have brought upon us all. With this awareness, children are the first to roll up their sleeves and do whatever is necessary to recycle and reuse. They also know about why it is better to walk than take a lift in their spoiled friends’ cars. Such active kids are also more physically active.

On being awesomely happy

Did you not know this? When you become fit and healthy, you will be awesomely happy as well. This is the important result of being well. Being well means never having to be sorry for taking that leap of faith towards turning your life around to become healthy and fit, and lose weight. Make this motivation a big part of your wellness playbook. I won’t call it a rule book because I want you to have as much fun improving the health and fitness outcomes for your own benefit and for your children’s benefit.

Take good care of yourself

For the oppressed woman, first and foremost, there are a number of challenges that must be taken care of before going on to coaching kids to better health. Those who are still in despair and, thankfully, able to read this note, know this. You are not alone and help is at hand. Just pluck up the courage to grasp it with both hands.

Those who live in impoverished areas may be a lot closer to wellness and community centers than they thought. And the good thing about this is that every bit of help you will receive in the future will be free. Didn’t they always say that the best things in life are free? Heck, you could even get your first diploma or college or university degree for free. Gosh, why didn’t I think of this when I was starting out? But not meaning to patronize, I was brought up in a middle class environment where many of the values, especially those closely related to health and fitness, and now also wellness, were taken for granted. It appeared to be a given that all would be well, but then look what happened. Many of us became complacent in our lives and not only became obese and overweight but also started running up huge debts in pursuit of the so-called good life.

Take smoothies with to work

Oh, and while you are about it, don’t forget to pack a smoothie in with your kids’ lunches as well. Just one question. It’s almost time to go. Did you teach your child to make her first green smoothie yet? If not, do this today and have fun while you’re at it.

Getting your man to support you

Let your man spoil you for a change. Getting him to dote over you while you are pregnant might take some doing. But what would I know. All I seem to have done so far is wax lyrical on smoothies for pregnancy. Earlier, I acknowledged that I wasn’t a mother myself. But I do love kids. I love men too. This much I do know about men; they can be so childish sometimes. Many are reluctant to help out in the kitchen or the nursery.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why I believe that men and women should marry out of sincere love and devotion for one another. There is a much better chance of kindred spirits being awakened towards the sharing of better health and wellness outcomes as a couple and later as parents. Later in life, the growing children will benefit.