Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

I hope many of you are quite accustomed to the chivalry. I hope many of you are still hearing refrains of ‘ladies first’. I also hope that the tragedies of life, both manmade and natural, never befall you. But when such disasters do occur, it is still heartwarming to see that when rescue attempts need to be carried out, women and children are being sought out first. And in these cases, the physically able and emotionally strong men are helping out wherever they can.

But the curious thing about being a mother, those of you who are mothers will all agree is that good mothers and women like me without children always put the children first. This is an important part of our natural nurturing and caring instincts. We are all blessed, both women and children, for this. But what about those mothers, particularly those who are running ‘single households’ that are still struggling. Let me try and help out where I can.

Coaching kids to better health

As I sadly suspect, there are still a lot of women who need to be coached before they can go on towards coaching kids to better health. Those of you who are particularly challenged by your overweight size, always out of breath and not being able to keep up with your children’s sugar-induced tantrums, well, I feel for you, but I do urge you to take action now. Remember, I did say that it’s never too late to make healthy changes in your life. I was talking to mostly single women then, but this motivation is encouraging for groaning mothers as well.

Coaching kids to better fitness

Better health for growing children includes better fitness levels for them. Because of the pressurized age we live in, kids seem to be more under pressure than we are; it seems that we definitely need to coach kids to better health and fitness. And while we are doing this, we need to give them every bit of encouragement and support that we can muster, and never scold them.

No matter what you say or do, little kids and adolescents can be so sensitive. Any ounce of negativity can discourage them to make progress in their lives. Yes, you will be required to instill discipline from time to time, but do practice, and remember to do this, especially when you are tired and worn out, to give praise when it is due. There is no escaping this. In fact, it’s actually quite heartwarming. There is nothing a child enjoys doing more than seeking out ways to please his or her parents. Let yourself be the pleased parent.

Teaching little ones to eat their greens

It has always been the case. Nothing much seems to have changed today still. Small kids still don’t want to eat their greens. I wonder if it is possible to entice them with a green or fruity smoothie. In my previous post, I seemed to spend too much time motivating pregnant mothers to be. Perhaps we should now encourage ready, willing and able, and especially, oppressed mothers to give it their best shot with as much love and understanding as possible.

Deceive them with a decadently sweet smoothie and then invite them into the kitchen and show them how you managed to squeeze in the much maligned spinach, broccoli or baby marrows.

Books and educational games, rather than TV and those other games

Those mothers who have already spoiled their children rotten with TV and video games might have a hard time prizing their kids’ eyes away from big, flat screens and awfully colorful lights and violent caricatures. This sedentary form of behavior, research and studies have shown, is highly addictive, even among adults.

Those of you who are on the verge of giving birth for the first time might have an easier time indoctrinating your (future) growing children with books and educational games. Do this before those other outside (and bad) influences get to them. Research has shown that this form of healthy indoctrination does work and helps to positively influence the child’s later adult life.