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Non-Contact Sports Injuries

The definition of a non-contact sport is one where players are separated physically so that it is impossible to physically contact one another during the game. Such sports would include tennis, bowling, golf, and volleyball. Does this mean there is less chance of getting injured by participating in such a sport?

Well, according to medical experts treat sports related injuries, not necessarily. It is common for tennis players to experience shoulder, wrist, knee and elbow injuries. Golfers usually experience injuries to the same areas. It seems that no matter what sport my son my get involved with, he will probably receive an injury related to his activity.

Injuries are pretty much accepted by soccer players and boxers. However, if my son packs up a golf bag, I certainly would not expect to end my day at the local emergency room. I do hope, though, that he would at least be spared what seems to me to be the worst sports injury, the concussion. Neurological experts conducted a study in 2012 which concluded that college athletes who had received concussions in a contact sport exhibited much worse performance levels on neurological evaluations that those who were involved in non-contact sports.

Repeated head injuries in sports such as football can result in long-term impairment. This is something I want my son to seriously consider when he has the itch to become the “jock” that all the babes are after. I tell him he may not seem so hot when he’s forty and can’t remember his name. As we engaged in our discussion on non-contact sports, here are some of the non-contact sports he concluded were definitely “out” if he wanted to finish high school being able to hold his head high and proud:

  • Table Tennis
  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling

In the end, he chose tennis. I think it’s a great choice. However, being a great tennis player is not just about being able to ace the serve. It’s also about being educated on how to keep your body fit and protected from injury.

The five most common tennis related injuries are sprained ankle, shoulder pain, strained calf muscles, spinal stress fractures, and the proverbial “tennis elbow”. One of the best preventatives to ankle injury is proper footwear. One of the best preventatives for strained calf muscles is proper warm up. Shoulder pain and tennis elbow are a little harder to prevent. They are usually the result of overuse of the muscles and joints. The pain usually doesn’t show up until afterward. It is then important to understand your body’s…Continue Reading

Understanding Hypothyroidism In Today’s World

Recently my husband had to have a physical and lab work-up. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health but the physician’s assistant asked if he had been a bit more tired lately. Considering that my husband works about sixty hours weekly as we pay for the college education of our four children, we’ve never expected him to feel any other way. However, the physician’s assistant said his fatigue could actually be from hypothyroidism. His blood work up had revealed his thyroid was functioning below normal. This condition can also be called underactive thyroid, low thyroid, hypothyreosis, or Hashimoto’s disease.

Some of its symptoms are a sensitivity to feeling cold, dry skin, feeling tired, hair loss and gaining weight. Children can also experience physical and intellectual development delays.  In extreme cases, a person’s thyroid gland could become so enlarged they bear the visible symptom of a goiter. However, it is common to exhibit no symptoms at all and many people never even know they have the condition.

Most often iodine deficiency is to blame. Other causes can be an injury to the hypothalamus or pituitary gland, complication of thyroid surgery, elevated levels of liver enzymes in the blood or an existing condition at birth. Hypothyroidism sometimes is connected with another medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or lupus. It is usually successfully treated with drug therapy.

If a human body has abnormally low levels of thyroxine the person’s entire hormonal and metabolic balance is disrupted. A healthy thyroid is the only source for the thyroid hormone. In order to produce healthy levels of this hormone, iodine is required. Laboratory analysis of a blood sample is necessary to properly diagnose a condition of hypothyroidism.

Worldwide almost one billion people suffer from this condition. It usually manifests seven times more often in women than men. Most cases are preventable by the addition of iodine to the daily diet. Diets rich in dairy and fish are naturally rich with iodine.  Using iodized salt is another easy way to supplement intake of iodine. Many countries routinely follow the World Health Organization’s recommendations and use iodized salt in the commercial production of bread.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women have an increased need for supplemental iodine, requiring almost seventy percent more than the average woman. It is not possible to meet this need through diet alone. Pregnant and breast-feeding women must take a daily pre-natal vitamin to help ensure their own health as well as the health of their baby.

My husband grew up in primitive conditions in…Continue Reading

Fat or Bloated?

I know when I’ve lost a few pounds because I gain a few comfortable inches of space in the waistband of my tight jeans or a certain dress doesn’t cling to my hips but falls slinkily straight down. Sometimes, when I gain an inch or two, it’s not because I was overindulgent with some pie. It’s usually because I overindulged with certain healthy foods. Imagine that!… Continue Reading

Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

Coaching Kids To Better Health And Fitness

I hope many of you are quite accustomed to the chivalry. I hope many of you are still hearing refrains of ‘ladies first’. I also hope that the tragedies of life, both manmade and natural, never befall you. But when such disasters do occur, it is still heartwarming to see that when rescue attempts need to be carried out, women and children are being sought out first. And in these cases, the physically able and emotionally strong men are helping out wherever they can.

But the curious thing about being a mother, those of you who are mothers will all agree is that good mothers and women like me without children always put the children first. This is an important part of our natural nurturing and caring instincts. We are all blessed, both women and children, for this. But what about those mothers, particularly those who are running ‘single households’ that are still struggling. Let me try and help out where I can.

Coaching kids to better health

As I sadly suspect, there are still a lot of women who need to be coached before they can go on towards coaching kids to better health. Those of you who are particularly challenged by your overweight size, always out of breath and not being able to keep up with your children’s sugar-induced tantrums, well, I feel for you, but I do urge you to take action now. Remember, I did say that it’s never too late to make healthy changes in your life. I was talking to mostly single women then, but this motivation is encouraging for groaning mothers as well.

Coaching kids to better fitness

Better health for growing children includes better fitness levels for them. Because of the pressurized age we live in, kids seem to be more under pressure than we are; it seems that we definitely need to coach kids to better health and fitness. And while we are doing this, we need to give them every bit of encouragement and support that we can muster, and never scold them.

No matter what you say or do, little kids and adolescents can be so sensitive. Any ounce of negativity can discourage them to make progress in their lives. Yes, you will be required to instill discipline from time to time, but do practice, and remember to do this, especially when you are tired and worn out, to give praise when it is due. There is no escaping this. In fact, it’s actually quite heartwarming. There…Continue Reading

Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Coaching Women And Helping Them Take Better Care Of Their Kids

Oh dear. Perhaps this post should have been written before the previous one where I was endeavoring to encourage all mothers, both able and struggling to do right by their children in the health and fitness arena. I even alluded to this point as well. It appears to be the case that it is necessary to begin the practice as soon as possible with regard to coaching women to better health before leaving them, newly empowered, to take care of their kids as required.

I think it is well worth repeating this very important point. I made this point after closing the previous post with a flourish. The good parenting guidebook has also proved to work. Part of it entails introducing your child to books and educational games at the earliest possible time. You can even do this with toddlers.

Doing this, I am quite sure, will make the children more aware of their own health and fitness requirements long before their parents need to instruct them what not to do. Now let me share this experience with you. It makes me believe that our future, especially that of the children, could be very bright. We can also give a big round of applause to the devoted teachers who have been involved in the children’s lives this way.

It seems to me that girls and boys are a lot more aware, conscious and sensitive to the urgent need to reverse the results that global warming and climate change have brought upon us all. With this awareness, children are the first to roll up their sleeves and do whatever is necessary to recycle and reuse. They also know about why it is better to walk than take a lift in their spoiled friends’ cars. Such active kids are also more physically active.

On being awesomely happy

Did you not know this? When you become fit and healthy, you will be awesomely happy as well. This is the important result of being well. Being well means never having to be sorry for taking that leap of faith towards turning your life around to become healthy and fit, and lose weight. Make this motivation a big part of your wellness playbook. I won’t call it a rule book because I want you to have as much fun improving the health and fitness outcomes for your own benefit and for your children’s benefit.

Take good care of yourself

For the oppressed woman, first and foremost, there are a number of challenges that must be taken care of before going…Continue Reading