Great Smoothies For Kids Of All Ages

One of the best thing about smoothies is that they aren’t just reserved for drinking on hot summer days. Often they’re great to have for breakfast or they make the ideal healthy snack, especially for kids. Smoothies for kids are not just a cool drink kids will love but it’s a great way…Continue Reading

Smoothies For Pregnancy And Mothers To Be

My notes are always about encouraging women who would love to fall pregnant someday even though I have no immediate plans of having children of my own yet. I’m not playing dodge ball with my biological clock at all. Thanks to the advances made in medical science and the knowledge that women have been empowered…Continue Reading

Health And Fitness For Expecting Mothers

The euphoria of great expectations

You would have to be a mother yourself to explain to our readers what it feels like to expect a child, particularly during those months of expecting your first-born. I, myself, of course, am not a mother, so I cannot begin to understand the excitement and nervousness and anxious hours until…Continue Reading

Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Growing up the youngest of five girls, my oldest sister was my hero. And, she was a hippie. As I look around today, I wonder, “Where have all the hippies gone? Just what has become of them?”

My sister is now a grandmother who is soon to embark on the joys of retirement. Her plan is…Continue Reading

Travel Where You’re Welcome

Travel Where You’re Welcome

My husband and I recently took a trip to the Appalachian Mountains. The town we stayed in was so friendly. I wondered what it must be like to deal with tourists, especially if there is a language barrier with tourists from another country. Are some places friendlier than others to tourists?… Continue…Continue Reading