Great Smoothies For Kids Of All Ages

Great Smoothies For Kids Of All Ages

One of the best thing about smoothies is that they aren’t just reserved for drinking on hot summer days. Often they’re great to have for breakfast or they make the ideal healthy snack, especially for kids. Smoothies for kids are not just a cool drink kids will love but it’s a great way to get your kids to drink something that’s super healthy for them without them even realizing it. If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to get them to eat stuff that’s good for them. With smoothies you can put together whatever you like, maybe even a veggie here and there and as long as it tastes great, they’ll never know, nor will they care.


One of the greatest things about smoothies is that it allows you to be super creative and together as a family you can create and discover your own favorite flavors by experimenting. Of course along the way there will be failures, but that’s not important. What is important is that this is something that is not only good for you and your family but, it gives you the opportunity to do something fun and creative together as a family. Couldn’t get much better than that.


Smoothies Make Great Snacks

Smoothies are the perfect snack for all kids, especially growing kids. In today’s world we are always wanting something quick and easy to snack on but most often that leads to unhealthy snacking. Kids need their nutrients for good health and growth, but unhealthy snacks don’t give them this. So, it’s important you find a way to quench their desire for a snack and give them what they need at the same time. That’s where smoothies for kids comes in.

Smoothies can eliminate this problem quite easily. If your smoothie tastes good say with some oranges and/or strawberries then simply put in a stick celery and blend well. Guess what, the kids won’t even notice any difference. This way, they are getting the snack they want and the extra nutrients they need and all “under the radar” so to speak.

In the end though, you don’t want to always be sneaking around their backs, this is why it’s important that you eventually get them involved in helping you create fun and tasty smoothies for kids that the whole family can enjoy making and drinking together.

Let Them Help

Believe it or not, your kids will more likely be willing to eat food that’s healthy for them if you let them help make it because…Continue Reading

Smoothies For Pregnancy And Mothers To Be

Smoothies For Pregnancy And Mothers To Be

My notes are always about encouraging women who would love to fall pregnant someday even though I have no immediate plans of having children of my own yet. I’m not playing dodge ball with my biological clock at all. Thanks to the advances made in medical science and the knowledge that women have been empowered with today, women are now able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy at a mature age, even during their late forties in some instances, and produce healthy children, but with one important proviso.

They are inherently healthy in heart, body and soul. Ideally for them, this would have to be the case for a number of years, so if you’re young but heavily overweight, obese and overly sedentary, you still have time on your hands. Many women, and I hope that you are one of them, would also like to spend more time focusing on their careers, boosting their financial status for a future family life and even furthering their studies, not so much to enter new job territories with better credentials but more to enrich their own lives with knowledge and understanding of themselves and what goes on around them.

Healthy and fit mothers to be will have discovered the art of smoothies for pregnancy without forgetting all the other essential requirements for ensuring that their bodies and minds are well primed for the later physical exertions of giving birth. The manner in which they take care of both their important dietary and exercise requirements considers not only their own bodies and souls but their fetuses and soon to be born children. Looking after themselves during their pregnancy rituals  for the entire nine months is also good practice for when they nurse their infants and, in later years, begin to rear their kids and show them the ropes where health and fitness rituals are concerned.

Just remember, mothers to be, if you are healthy and fit today, the chances are very good that your infants will be as well. I’m sure that many of you must be aware of this by now, the reason why there continues to be countless accounts of sick babies being born into this world are as a result of their mothers’ own poor health. It was not just poor physical health, obesity, diabetes, and the like, that was the cause of it all, but other serious factors as well.

Such serious issues include poverty which causes malnutrition and a long addiction to drugs and many other harmful substances,…Continue Reading

Health And Fitness For Expecting Mothers

Health And Fitness For Expecting Mothers

The euphoria of great expectations

You would have to be a mother yourself to explain to our readers what it feels like to expect a child, particularly during those months of expecting your first-born. I, myself, of course, am not a mother, so I cannot begin to understand the excitement and nervousness and anxious hours until the morning or night those excruciating pains have come and gone and the child is, at last, born. I can only appreciate such momentous occasions and I have heard more than enough tales from friends of mine who are today experienced mothers dealing with the growing pains of their children. My mission here is to simply help out whenever I can. My experience lies within the realm of health and fitness, and today I would like to offer up some motivation and inspiration to those of you who would like to turn your life around and experience a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth.

My pen and warm hand is extended to those of you who are still only thinking, or dreaming of having children of your own someday. What may be holding you back are not so much your busy lifestyles and careers but your health. Perhaps you are obese and overweight. This is preventing you to lead normal, healthy lives which also entail some socializing in order to meet the perfect spouse.

Issues for overweight mothers

Are you familiar with the embarrassment experienced after having had questions asked by rude and ignorant men in particular? These men are not able to detect the telltale signs of a woman being pregnant. All they seem to have noticed after looking elsewhere where they shouldn’t have is that the women they have addressed were rather large and flabby around the abdomen area. They were not particularly concerned about these poor women’s health and welfare but rather offering them one of the worst pickup lines ever.

Health and fitness for pregnant mothers

The old days of pregnant mothers lying low until the critical hour are, thankfully, gone forever. In those days, ignorance suggested that women who were pregnant had to be as inactive as possible so as not to wear themselves out, damage their health and harm the fetus. Today, pregnant mothers are, in fact, encouraged to be as active as possible in order to improve their health and fitness levels, specific dietary requirements so that by the time the baby is born, it is as healthy as can be. Not only that, pregnant women are expected…Continue Reading

Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Growing up the youngest of five girls, my oldest sister was my hero. And, she was a hippie. As I look around today, I wonder, “Where have all the hippies gone? Just what has become of them?”

My sister is now a grandmother who is soon to embark on the joys of retirement. Her plan is to get a travel trailer and go about the country with her little dog and paint beautiful scenes. Now, apart from the painting bit, her retirement sounds just like my grandparent’s retirement. Are there any hippie communities my sister might enjoy retiring to?

She might like Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s well known as an art community. Perhaps she could get her peace and love groove on there. And the Ozark Mountains are full of fabulous scenery for her to paint.

Girls of hippie in the field

She could also try Montana. The town of Missoula has a strong peacenik history. In June of 2007 the entire town supported a referendum that pushed for Congress to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.  I’m sure my sis would have been on board for those politics.

And, although Arizona is often thought to be part of the Wild, Wild, West, it is also home to many hippies. Bisbee once was a mining boom town. After that charming part of its history was over, the hippies moved in and turned the town into a hippie enclave. Every year they hold an annual Poetry Festival. Tourists and artists fill the streets of this charming little town.

If the desert has no appeal for my sister, she could continue west to Arcata, California. Although this city is known as a college town, it is also environmentalist headquarters. It is so green, in fact, that in 1989 it became officially zoned free of nuclear weapons.

My sister could leave the Pacific and head due east to the Atlantic and find more birds of the same feather in Ithaca, New York. Being an Ivy League university town, Ithaca’s hippiness shines through in its cooperative community programs such as farmers markets, art collectives and a community vibe of self-reliance.

Nearby is Burlington, Vermont. If you want to know just how hippie Burlington is, consider that the city banned McDonald’s and embraced Ben & Jerry’s. So, yes, flower power is alive and well in Vermont.

While my sister is tootling around in Vermont in her retirement travels, she…Continue Reading

Travel Where You’re Welcome

Travel Where You’re Welcome

My husband and I recently took a trip to the Appalachian Mountains. The town we stayed in was so friendly. I wondered what it must be like to deal with tourists, especially if there is a language barrier with tourists from another country. Are some places friendlier than others to tourists?

A study has reported that, actually, the locals of some countries are friendlier and more patient and helpful than people in other countries. Considering that my husband and I plan to do more traveling as we age, I thought it would be a good idea to make note of at least a few of these tourist friendly places and put them at the top of our list of where we should go next.

One place that I have never heard of is Burkina Faso. According to travel experts the people of this little landlocked country that can be found in West Africa offer the warmest welcome ever to travelers. Theirs is a culture of open markets that are filled with colorful crafts that are handmade. Expect a lively shopping experience filled with the aroma of spices and sizzling meats accompanied by upbeat folk music.

While in West Africa visiting Burkina Faso, we might then want to take a tour of Senegal. It’s had a bit of a bad rap since the Ebola scare of 2014, but, in truth, it is not some rustic backwater. Senegal is full of luxurious cosmopolitan grade resorts all along its coastline. Inland excursions offer the opportunity for photo safaris of exotic creatures such as rhinos, giraffes and hippos.

Dublin at night down by the Liffey River

Ireland is another great tourist friendly place to visit. It also seems to be one of the safest places to travel since it is the number one destination for women who are traveling alone. Biking the byways of Ireland from village to village is a great way to see the country and stopping in at the local pubs is a great way to engage in friendly conversations with the warm hearted locals.

If geographical diversity is appealing, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a bit of everything. From snow skiing the mountainsides to kayaking the Mediterranean, there is no shortage of interesting excursions to enjoy. Visitors are greeted warmly and the people are full of smiles, eager to help and point out the right direction.

And, of course, if snow skiing is your…Continue Reading